Our range facilities are located on 12 acres of wilderness only 40 minutes from Calgary. We have a 100, 200 & 300m rifle range and 25m handgun range


100, 200 & 300m positions

100, 200 & 300m positions

The Swiss range operates all year. During the winter months the road is plowed up to the parking lot, but you should bring boots for the trail to the targets. During the summer months the range is supervised during certain weekends and members can simply show up. Discounted club GP11 & GP90 ammunition is sold to members, and club rifles are available for free. You may also use your own firearms, subject to the restrictions noted below. Note: no ammunition or firearms are stored overnight at the range.

When the RSO is not present, members have unsupervised access 7 days a week to the outdoor shooting areas. For access to the indoor shooting positions and range buildings, members in good standing may apply for a key in their second year in the club.



Range facilities include:

  • Clubhouse. The main clubhouse is used for training sessions and social events throughout the year;

  • Range house with prone, indoor shooting positions to fire at outside targets;

  • Five outdoor benchrest positions (with roof, 3 walls, on concrete);

  • Two steel gongs at 310 meters;

  • 50 meter 22 cal rimfire range;

  • 100, 200 & 300 meter outdoor rifle range;

  • 25 meter outdoor handgun range;

  • Electronic scoring system when using K31 or PE90 rifles during supervised weekends;

  • Restrooms; and

  • Ample parking.

Outdoor benchrest positions

Outdoor benchrest positions


Range rules & Restrictions

Based on our current range configuration we are permitted by the government to shoot with the following rules and restrictions:

Winter shooting from inside the shooting house

Winter shooting from inside the shooting house

  • Drive to the main gate on Homestead Rd. If it is locked, then open the lock, drive through and lock it behind you. If the gate is not locked, then make sure you lock it behind you.

  • Drive through the access gate to the Swiss Range. If the gate is locked, then open it and lock it behind you. If the gate is in the open position, then leave it open. You will notice a red flag at the gate entrance. There is no need to use this flag. It indicates that the 900m firing point at the Fullbore range is either live or not.

  • Once at the Swiss range, the first thing you should do is raise the red flag in the parking lot and sign into the register. If you are the last person to leave the range, lower this flag.

  • Wear you SRCC ID at all times when you are on SRCC property;

  • If there are two or more people at the range, one person must be designated as the RSO. That person is responsible for the conduct of the firing line, calling ceasefires and letting everyone know when the range is live.

  • You may bring up to two guests at one time. You must purchase guest passes either online or pay cash by using the envelopes provided in the sign in register located at the range;

  • Regardless which range you use, you must remove all your brass and waste material including targets. Brass is to be deposited in the containers provided at the shooting line, and garbage in the bear proof bins outside.

  • Use a bolt flag during ceasfires

  • Use the red and green flags on the firing line

  • You can only put up targets on the target frames provided;

  • If there is wildlife on the range, call a ceasefire immediately and wait for it to leave;

  • If something is broken at the range send an email to the club using the contact form provided on this website, or directly to the club secretary. There is no need for you to try and fix something yourself.

  • Swiss Electronic 300 meter rifle range:

    • When using the electronic targets, only the K31 and GP90 rifles are permitted

  • When using the 50m target, you can only use .22 cal rimfire rifles. No other calibers or firearms are allowed

  • When using the paper target frames at 100, 200 & 300m:

    • only rifles with a calibre of no more than .338 Lapua are permitted

    • only paper or cardboard targets can be used. No bottles, cans, exploding targets (such as Tannerite) or anything else can be used.

    • Paper targets must be removed when you are finished.

    • No handguns or shotguns are permitted.

  • 25 meter handgun range:

    • Only paper or cardboard targets can be used on this range;

    • Targets must be removed when you are finished

    • Only handguns no more than 45 calibre

    • No metal piercing rounds

    • No Thompson Contender handguns

    • No shotguns or rifles are permitted.

    • Important. For those interested in using the handgun range at SRCC you must have an RPAL. For more information regarding the process involved in obtaining your RPAL you can read more on the RCMP website. When filling out your application you will be required to demonstrate that you belong to an approved handgun range. For the purposes of this application, you should use the Alberta Provincial Rifle Association (APRA) as your approved range, and provide a copy of your SRCC membership card which shows membership in the APRA.

Rifle range down the middle, handgun range in the lower left.

Rifle range down the middle, handgun range in the lower left.


Access gate to the Swiss Range

Access gate to the Swiss Range

  1. Drive west on Hwy #1 to the Sibbald Creek Trail exit (Hwy 68);

  2. Turn right on the exit ramp then turn left at the first stop sign and drive for 16.1 kms on Sibbald Creek Trail to the Homestead Road turnoff;

  3. Turn left on Homestead Road and drive for 4.8 kms to a locked gate;

  4. If the gate is locked, unlock the gate (you will need the combination), drive through and then lock the gate behind you. If the gate is open, then drive through and leave it open;

  5. Drive another 1.1 kms to the turnoff on the right for the Fullbore and Swiss Range. There is a combo lock at this gate as well and a sign with the Swiss Club logo.

  6. Drive straight for 500 meters and up a small hill to the Range House and park.

For a detailed map: Google Map Directions to Homestead Road