Since 1975, we have led the effort to lead the way in developing marksmanship skills for our members


Our Mission

The mission of the Swiss Rifle Club is to promote the traditional Swiss style of marksmanship in a friendly and supportive environment.

                                                                                                                 illustration by Dom M

                                                                                                                illustration by Dom M

The Swiss Rifle Club is located on Homestead Rd and is part of the Alberta Provincial Rifle Association (APRA) land lease. We are adjacent to the Fullbore Club an the Buffalo Target Shooters Association.

Safety is paramount at our range. Our members are shooters looking for a place to shoot casually in an environment where they can drop in at times convenient to them. For those seeking more competitive shooting, we offer a flexible Swiss program that is held on various weekends throughout the season, using classic Swiss rifles on electronic targets.

The Swiss Rifle Club Calgary is a club that is sanctioned by the Swiss government.  All Swiss competitions are done from the prone position at 300 meters at an official Swiss target, and for the most part all qualifying shooters receive a medal -  the same medal all Swiss shooters get from the Swiss government. There are two shooting competitions that we encourage members to participate in:

  • the Obligatorisch - this is the same competition required of all Swiss citizens. In this competition sighters are allowed followed by a sequence of 20 shots to score.
  • the Feldschiessen - a competition with no sighters this shoot is a sequence of 18 shots for the record.

Simply go to the range on a Regular Shooting Program weekend (see the Events page) and tell the RSO which program you would like to shoot and he will program the electronic system for you. There is no minimum score you need to obtain.

The Swiss Rifle Club is a great place to learn how to hone your shooting skills and meet like minded shooting enthusiasts.
— Mike, Swiss Rifle Club Calgary