The following relates to the induction of new members:

  1. The SRCC Board may cap total membership in any year. This may limit the number of new members that can join SRCC;
  2. New members that falsify their application can be removed from the SRCC at any time;
  3. New members must attend a mandatory new member orientation in their first year by June 1st of each year.


The following are rules for issuing penalties and sanctions on members:

  1. Generally the penalty must be commensurate with the act committed by a member. Making "examples" of members for certain infractions is banned.
  2. No financial penalties are allowed (Alberta Societies Act limits this to $5);
  3. For behaviour that is not related to firearm safety and is not criminal in nature (such as having guests on the range without a guest pass, leaving doors & gates unlocked, not showing up for RSO duty, rude behaviour to anyone on the APRA land lease, speeding on the portion of Homestead Rd that is on the APRA lease, leaving brass or other garbage on the range):
    • on the first offence: up to 4 week suspension;
    • on the second offence: up to 12 month suspension
    • on the third offence: maximum lifetime ban
  4. For behaviour that is related to firearm safety:
    • on first offence: 4 week suspension plus a mandatory range orientation and two (2) full days of assistant RSO duties. Suspension will be lifted once all above conditions are met. These sanctions can be imposed by SRCC President, Vice President or Secretary. The member will be advised of his / her suspension by email, postal mail or verbally in the presence of one other member witnesses. 
    • On subsequent offences: maximum 12 month suspension plus mandatory range orientation and six (6) days of Assistant RSO duty. Suspension will be lifted only if ALL the above conditions have been met. These sanctions can be imposed by SRCC President, Vice President or Secretary and must be confirmed by sub committee within 30 days. The member will be advised of his / her suspension by email, or postal mail.
    • Suspension means that all membership privileges are suspended including APRA and SRCC range access.
  5. For behaviour that is criminal in nature (for example theft, vandalism, graffiti, violence, pointing a firearm at a member on purpose):
    • on the first offence: maximum lifetime ban
  6. For penalties that exceed a 4 week suspension the following process must be adhered to:
    • The SRCC Board must must strike a sub committee composed on no less than 3 members, none of whom serve on the SRCC Board or hold executive positions;
    • Sub committee members must not have any conflict of interest regarding the member, witnesses or the incident;
    • The sub committee will interview the member in question, and any witnesses to determine if the member was responsible for the offence;
    • If the sub committee deems that an improper act has been committed, they will issue the appropriate sanction within the above limits. The sub committee must be unanimous in their decision.
    • The sub committee must familiarize themselves with the SRCC and APRA by-laws, the Not for Profit Act, the Alberta Societies Act and any local laws that might be pertinent to rendering a decision.
    • Return of membership fees is not required when a member is under suspension or banned.
  7. For penalties that are equal to or less than a 4 week  suspension, only the President of SRCC, Vice President or Secretary can issue the appropriate sanction to the member in question.  


The following are some general policies regarding member renewals:

  1. Existing members will have a priority for renewing their memberships over new members within the specified deadlines;
  2. Renewals cannot be unreasonably withheld and must be in accordance to the Not for Profit Act & Alberta Societies Act. For example, if the Club Executive simply do not like a member, this is not grounds for preventing the renewal of an existing member.
  3. Existing members MUST renew their membership by no later than the date as set out by the Secretary. Failing that, their name will be added to the waiting list and they will have to re-apply as a new member.