Vancouver Swiss Rifle Range

My first visit to the Swiss Canadian Mountain Range Assoc. (the Vancouver Swiss Rifle Club) last Sunday May 22, 2016, was one of uhh and ahh.  Their incredible, beautiful and functional facility is every rifle club's dream and is sporting some of the following features:

  •  A Swiss style chalet clubhouse with a restaurant that is manned by volunteers cooking tasty lunch and dinner meals for a very reasonable price;
  • Fully equipped ranges for 300m rifle;
  • 25 & 50m pistol and small caliber range;
  • Crossbow facility;
  • Shotgun range;
  • Camping facility;
  • Utilities like power, gas, water, and sewer;
  • Paved road ways;
  • They can shoot all year round; and
  • Their membership is around 125 members at $125.00 per year!

All shooting ranges are equipped with the latest electronic target systems from SIUS.

One of the things that I was really impressed with is that the entire facility was built with volunteers. Plus they havework parties where all members participate with cleaning up and maintaining the facility. If you just come out to shoot and do not participate in the work parties, your membership might not be renewed the following year. Maybe we should encourage our own members to be more active in volunteer activities in the future.

If you have never been to the SMRA in Vancouver, take the time and participate in one of their shoots. You are treated like royalty by a great bunch of fellow shooters. One notable difference to our club is also that many members' spouses are present filling volunteer positions like, selling ammo, record keeping, restaurant duties etc.

Thank you to the executive of the SCMRA and particularly the President Rene Zollinger who took the time to show me around and lent the SRCC some A target patches.

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Drive up to the Swiss Club

300 meter rifle range

300 meter rifle range

2016-05-22 15.33.23.jpg
25m and 50m pistol & small caliber range

25m and 50m pistol & small caliber range

Crossbow Range

Crossbow Range

Shooting In Switzerland

If you have never heard of Tibor (YouTube handle is TiborasaurusRex) he has many good videos on shooting and marksmanship. In this video he explores Swiss gun ownership and visits an underground shooting range in Switzerland. Maybe we could do an upgrade to the existing range so it would look like this one? Check it out ..


And a bit more on the underground range ..