2017 In Review

2017 was a huge year at the SRCC. At the end of last year we had just under 50 members and by the end of 2017 we will be at 92 members, with a substantial waiting list for 2018. 


As you may recall last year we added the 100m and 200m target positions. In 2017 we re-contoured the range to reduce erosion and make all target positions easier to see. At 300m we added target frames for those wanting to shoot paper targets using the cantilever systems. At the shooting point, we added 5 covered benchrest positions, complete with a concrete floor, three walls and a roof. In addition to new first aid kits, bear proof garbage bins have been installed in 3 locations across the range; please use these as it will make the range a safer place to be. 


The shooting house was extended with a new shooter’s hangout that we can use. We have installed a wood stove, and next year will insulate the entire building so it can be used year round. The pistol bay was updated as well, with new backstops, target frames and the purchase of a reactive steel target system. Around the back of the shooting house a sea can was installed. All significant items were then moved into the sea can where they are now securely locked away. This will now allow us to provide members with easier access to the shooting house throughout the year. Then to finish it off, the parking lot was expanded, levelled and re-gravelled, the edges of the range were trimmed and straightened, and the entire range was hydro seeded.


This was a monumental effort that involved many volunteer members. Todd D. was instrumental in getting the required permits together, Herb B managed the project overall including all the sub-contractors involved in construction. Many other members volunteered their time in project management and construction. Travis O. did a masterful job building the pistol bay steps and handrail, Walter S, Mike T, Andy H, Hans & Harrison F, Dieter M, Steven J, Christof B, Jakob S, and many others helped out with various tasks.