SRCC Range Expansion Update

by Herb Betschart

Significant range updates /expansion has been approved by our members at the last AGM. Alot of work and effort has been going into this project behind the scenes like planning and obtaining contractor quotes, getting components built, applying for permits etc. etc. Thanks to the relentless efforts of Todd Dillabough, our membership co-ordinator, we have now received final building & development permit approval from KID (Kananaskis Improvement District).


So where are we at with all this?

Pistol targets have been built, sandblasted and painted and rubber matting installed. These are improved targets that provide the ultimate in safety for our members.

Outdoor Shooting Area. Five outdoor benchrest tables have been installed which include adjustable integrated seats, a concrete pad has already been poured and in the next few weeks a roof will be erected.

Additional Swiss shooting targets have not been ordered yet.  There is a shortage of volunteers taking on the task associated with the targets like building the enclosure, making the metal structure work etc.  Plus although we are approaching 100 members, very few people actually show up for Swiss style shooting.  

Shooters Hangout.  The concrete slab was recently poured and the building will be erected in the next few weeks. This will provide our members with a comfortable, and quieter area to wait while you are at the range.

Gongs. Two new gongs have been installed with improved enclosures to prevent ricochets.

Sea-Can will be delivered in the next 2 weeks. This is one of those metal sea containers and will provide us with a secure area to store range supplies, lawn mower and other tools.

300m targets are now available (positions #7 to 10) for use with any rifle up to .338 Lapua. During a ceasefire, you can drive down to the 300m butts area and staple on your own targets on the frames provided.

New 300m road. A new road has been made directly up the centre of the range. This will allow us to use the range earlier in the year.

100m & 200m backstop berms have been re-graded and top soil is being applied. We will then seed the entire area. This will improve the sight picture when shooting at these distances, prevent erosion of the berms when it rains, reduce mirage on hot days and make it easier for us to maintain.

Bear proof garbage bins have been ordered through the APRA and will installed later this summer.

First aid kits will be supplied by the APRA to replace our existing kits. 

Landscaping will be done as soon as the concrete work has been completed.

Port-O-Potty will be relocated to the front onto a new concrete pad for easier servicing.

Lighting and radiant heating is planned at the end of all this and pending on our finances will probably be done in 2018

This is all weather pending and because this job is a long ways from Calgary it could be delayed be a few weeks.  The goal is to have the structures up and running before the snow falls.

The following members are volunteering a huge amount of time to make this all happen and deserve a big thank you.  We will require more help and I urge you to put your name forward and let me know how you can help and what equipment you have available.  The email that went out to all members asking for volunteer help yielded pittyfull results.  Four (4) Individuals responded offering their help.  We can do better than that.  We are all a team of volunteers.  Please call Herb at 403-540-5400 or email and offer your help.


Herb Betschart: Overall planning and project management     

Todd Dillabough: Preparing and making presentations to the APRA for funding, preparing all necessary permit applications for KID and stickhandling the application through the AB Government departments.

Tom Berry: Obtaining sub-trade quotations

Dieter Megert: Video Surveillance systems, cell phone booster, LED lighting.

Daniel Gretener: Transporting the pistol targets and shooting tables from and to the various places.

Thank you to those that are not mentioned above.