A Message from Our Secretary

We have been busy building and improving our shooting range. So far the feedback has been positive and our members like what is happening.  For 2018 we have more improvements planned the details are explained in this newsletter.

Range Rule compliance continues to be a bit of an issue with many of our members.  Leaving the gate open, not registering, bringing guests without paying the guest fee, not picking up the brass or garbage and safety issues are continuing to be a problem.  I urge all members to familiarize themselves and re-read the Range Rules again.  Adherence to these rules is important.  Most of these Range Rules are not just made up …. They are THE LAW. 

Participation in the program shoots was very low in 2017.  Many of our programs are free of charge (except the ammo).  For 2018 we are introducing a new concept to shoot some of the programs.  The cost is only $20 + ammo. If you wish to receive the medal from Switzerland for a particular program, there will be an additional charge of $20.  By the time the medal lands in Calgary, it is costing the club about $38. 

I urge you to participate in our competitions shoots in 2018. See you at the range!