Range Improvements for 2018

Next year we hope to focus more on making the SRCC experience a better one. Of course much of this is contingent on revenue generated through membership fees and the funding formula we have with the APRA. So what's planned for next year?

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- SIUS Wireless Targets. SIUS is a 50 year old company that specializes in electronic shooting target systems. The existing electronic system we have is a target system built by SIUS over 25 years ago. Since 1992, SIUS’s newer wireless systems have been used in all shooting sports at the Olympic Games including Barcelona, Atlanta, Sydney, Athens, Beijing, London and Rio de Janeiro and is used throughout Europe in all major shooting competitions. One of the largest competitions is in Switzerland, where over 200,000 shooters compete.

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The system comes with a binder of various shooting competitions, each with it’s own unique bar code. Simply scan in the bar code and the entire system is programmed. The newer color monitors create a replica of the target, which shows where your shots are landing, highlighting the last shot, and scoring the entire event for you. A printout can be made including a miniature copy of the target with all your shots recorded. For 2018 the SRCC wants to install two of the wireless systems on indoor firing points #1 and #2.


- Radiant Heat. Now that we have our outdoor shooting positions established, the next step is to extend the shooting season. We would like to add overhead radiant heaters, similar to the ones you find in some outdoor restaurant patios. This should extend our shooting season and allow us to shoot earlier and stay later in the season.


- Winter Access. The APRA has expanded winter access to the various ranges, plowing the access roads coming off of Homestead Road. Starting immediately, the road is being plowed up to the range building parking lot. If you are driving a car instead of a truck, we would suggest parking just below the final hill to the range parking lot. You still need to walk the path to the targets, so you may want to wear boots. The road will be plowed fairly regularly, but remember this is a remote location so it may take a day or two after a storm to get things cleared out.


- Solar Power. Last year at the SRCC AGM we discussed adding solar power to the range. Because the costs were fairly high to do this we opted to defer this to a later date. Since that time solar power costs have come down drastically, making this a more feasible upgrade. For 2018 we will be examining the addition of solar power to operate lights and target systems at the range.

Finish Off Inside of Shooters Hangout. The Shooter’s Hangout is 95% finished. All the exterior work has been completed on time and on budget. For 2018 we will add insulation, interior walls, a ceiling, and furniture. This will make it much more bearable when the weather gets colder.