Range Upgrades

100 & 200 meter target positions

If any of you have been to the range in the last few weeks you may have noticed that there have been a number of improvements to the range. We are in the process of adding 100 and 200 meter target points. You will also see the berm near the shooting house has been levelled, and the plan is to add a concrete pad with four benchrest positions, and then eventually a roof. Once these positions are active, you would be able to shoot your other rifles as well as your Swiss rifles.

This is important. We are awaiting approval from the Chief Firearms Officer to certify the range upgrades, and hope to have this in the next month. In the meantime there can be no shooting at the 100 and 200 meter points. Once we have the approval, we will notify everyone that these are active.

Indoor Swiss Electronic Positions

In addition to the outside work, the Club executive is acquiring additional equipment and targets for the indoor shooting positions. In most cases this would eliminate any wait time that we currently have when shooting Swiss matches.  We hope to have this done this year, so stay tune.