Memberships & Guests Passes are Now Available Online!

Where to Find the Online Memberships

Recently we completed an update to the website update that included applying and paying for memberships entirely online, including renewing your membership, and purchasing guest passes as well using either a credit card or PayPal. To access new memberships and renewals, simply go to the "join" tab and fill out the form.

 When a club member wants to bring a guest to the range that will be shooting, a guest pass must be purchased. When regular shooting days are being run on weekends, you can purchase these at the range. However, if you decide to go to the range when there is no RSO present, then you need to purchase a pass online. 

To purchase guest passes, go to the "resources" tab and look in the "links" section. Once you complete your payment, your pass will be emailed to you. Make sure you either print it off and bring it with you, or bring your mobile phone with the emailed receipt.

Guest Passes

Purchasing a guest pass is extremely important. The funds we receive from the guest pass are remitted to our insurance company. This insurance covers you, your guest and any other person involved in an accident at the range from liability and damage. The SRCC requires that all visitors to the range have a quest pass. You can purchase a guest pass on the same day you decide to go to the range if you want, so no worries about buying a pass and getting rained out.