Father's Day Ideas: Tactical Soap Anyone?

So Father's Day is coming up, I thought I would put together a wish list of things for all the Dad's out there:

  • Tactical Soap by Duke Cannon. This is a variety pack of their best tactical soaps: 'Smells Like Victory, Smells Like Accomplishment .. it's all there. And everyone needs the Semper Fi Gift Set. Available at Duke Cannon
  • Swiss Product Diopters for K31 & WYSS W1 in stock at the Calgary Shooting Centre. The Calgary Shooting Centre has front and rear diopter sights for the K31, for the Classic Green they have the rear diopters screw in inserts and complete diopter set for Swiss Arms Classic Green and Black Specials with picatinny rail top receivers.
  • Sip Dark Whiskey Bullets. I actually got these for a Christmas present last year; they work great in Scotch - every Dad should have a set.