Swiss Pistol Competition Rules

In order to even the playing field between the individual clubs and shooters, the club follows these rules:

  1. OBLIGATORISCH and FELDSCHIESSEN, EINZELWETTSCHIESSEN, FELDSTICH, SEKTION, EPK and VANCOUVER can only be shot with guns classified as ORDONNANZ. This means the handgun has to have a trigger pull weight of 1350 to 1500gr. All Programs can be shot ONE or TWO HANDED using a gun which meets these conditions.
  2. A handgun not meeting that above regulation can be used to shoot Programs except OB and FS, but must be shot ONE HANDED, and require a score 4 points higher than Ordonnanz. Any Shooter can use our Club P 210 Pistols, if he or she is not comfortable shooting ONE HANDED.
  3. No shooting gloves are permitted.

Swiss Rifle Competition Rules

  • You must use either
    • the K31 with the original open sight or an approved diopter sight (the original Wysse diopter or by Swiss Products in the USA) or
    • the PE90 semi automatic rifle, with the original diopter sight;
  • Recoil pads are permitted;
  • Range is 300 meters;
  • You must use factory ammunition (GP11 or GP90); no reloaded ammo;
  • You are permitted to wear any shooting clothes you want (jackets, hats, gloves, your favourite PJs etc) as long as the clothing does not restrict your movement;
  • You cannot use a rear bag;
  • You are permitted to use a rifle sling of your liking;
  • In the Obligatorisch and Feldschiessen shoots, everyone can use a front bag to support the rifle directly or your front arm;
  • In all other Swiss shoots, if you are you are 21-59 years of age, you cannot use a front bag to support either the rifle or front arm;
  • If you are 60 years or older, or 20 years or younger, you are permitted to use a front bag to support the rifle or front arm in all competitions.
  • A more detailed summary of the gear you can use is here.